For me brings everything else together. My florist has created some incredible beautiful pieces are art which will strict even the non-romantics. bundles of perfection he creates, guaranteed to add elegance and charm for that all important impact...


Photo & Video

Understanding how important it is to capture the perfect moment, is why I’ve chosen the professionals I have. With their unique style of blending traditional and modern forms of wedding photography, with their number one aim is to seek that magical moment whilst creating image perfection, taking your loving memories through the centuries…



If anyone can do it, Italian woman can! My bridal experts can create the perfect look you desire, from couture to elegant, soft or romantic are just a few examples of styles that they can achieve. They will transform your look into a perfectly groomed and beautiful blushing bride you always dreamed of becoming.


Wedding Cars

Imagine you and your new spouse arriving at your wedding reception in a 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1.6 spider or a tiny little dolls car like 1969 Fiat 500 or even a 1975 Volkswagen Beetle … how cool would you look? I have a large selection of vintage cars in many colors which will just give that extra yeeeeaaah that’s the way to do it!

Wedding Parties


Prosecco/Peroni/Pizza: Maybe you’d prefer a night out on the ceramic tiles of Sorrento with you best buds/girlfriends. I can organise a pre/post wedding party or dinner for you and your guests, Just tell me what you’d like to do and I’ll be able to assist you in the best way I know possible and from personal experiences! Pizza parties are becoming increasing popular, I worked for one of the best pizzerias and restaurant so you’ll be guaranteed a great authentic pizza right in the heart of Sorrento.



Music is a crucial part of any ceremony in my opinion, being a singer I understand how that one cord can touch you, I have an emotional battle going on inside me throughout the ceremony each time the music starts trying to maintain professionalism, not easy! The acoustic affects in the Cloister, accompanied by the idyllic sounds of the Harp, Violin or quartet, are not only emotional but simply moving. I also have very talented live bands and DJs to make your wedding reception full of love and laughter…



Capri, Positano or anywhere you’d like to go. Everyone loves a wedding party, so let’s do it in style…Give yourselves and your guests a day or night they will never forget. Why not let my captain sail you along our beautiful coastline as the sun sets over the Mediterranean, surrounded by the people you love, or see what the famous night life on the stunning island of Capri has to offer as you dance into the early hours of the morning.



Without question, one of the highlights of the wedding reception is the cutting of the wedding cake. It’s one of the most thought about moments and also one of the most photographed and memorable occasions of the day, but which cake should you choose when you decide to get married in Italy? Italy is famous for its simple but tasty cakes, for example the “mille foglie” (millefeuille), “the mimosa”, “the diplomatica” or the many versions of “torte di frutta” (fruit based cakes), which, in the summer, help to create a fresh and colourful picture. I also know that one of the true beauties of Italy is it’s diverse culinary traditions, which change from region to region and desserts and cakes are no different.



The wedding ceremony is conducted in Italian so you will need an official interpreter for this. At least 2 days prior to the wedding there is a Verbal Declaration at the town hall, this is where your documents are checked and you confirm there are no impediments to the marriage according to the Italian Civil Code. An interpreter also has to be sworn in a the town hall 2 days before the ceremony. I offer an interpreter service so there is no need to worry about this.. I’ve got it all covered!



It’s not the flowers or the centerpieces or the favors…It’s not even the bridesmaids’ outfit or the lighting… All of those things are important I know but they won’t do any good if the basics don’t look amazing too! When you walk into a ceremony or reception, the lines and the chairs have the biggest impact on the overall look because they occupy the most visual space. This means you can use them to quickly and easily achieve the feel that you’re going for. Think about the kind of impression you’d like to make with your wedding decor… Are you going for bright and fun? Swanky and modern? Elegant and refined? Vintage and organic? Chances are the lines and chairs can capture the look right from the off and finished with a beautifully decorated table with your little bundles of perfection in the centre will put a warm smile on all your guests faces for sure!

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